Corporate, Weddings, Hotels, Festivals, Conferences & more


Tata. Microsoft. Kunal Icon. PMG Group.

Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC). Rotatarians.

Cinestars. Politicians. Business leaders. Entrepreneurs.

Corporate. Wedding. Hotels.Festivals. Conferences.Major organization milestone. Any occassion.

Domestic. Exports. Not yet to Outer space!

Arka bags have been proudly gifted to the employees of large corporates, customers, channel partners, visitors at weddings and as part of festivities or any occassion that you are celebrating.

These are highly customized bags – be it a backpack, tote bag, drawstring bags, travel or golf set bags.

We have also manufactured Bedsheets and  for Hotels and Guest rooms.Customised Drop Cloth orders have also been fulfilled.

Our team of designers, manufacturers work closely with your team to get these designed, manufactured quickly, packaged aesthetitcally and shipped to your offices/ home/ or any place across India & the globe!

Pl share your requirements and we will contact you within 24-48 hours.

You can connect with us via Contact Us page or call on +91 70663 90427.

Thank you for saving the planet.

We look forward to working with you and your team to create beautiful memorabilia for you, your guests and staff!